Importance of Sitemap for Priority SEO Value

Importance of Sitemap for Priority SEO Value

Importance of sitemap


Creating Sitemap and flowchart before starting a new project is the prime step of any website designer. A sitemap is an index of all the pages that are in website. This type of index enables the visitors of the website to find the entire navigation of the website at one place i.e. sitemap section. As it is not quite complicated to create a sitemap therefore, designers uses various programs available on internet to create it which include InDesign, Excel and Illustrator. These tools are quite easy to get it done easily. Creating sitemap is certainly beneficial for the designers therefore it’s a primary step to go through.

Creating sitemap for the website is even important on the part of SEO (search engine optimization) as search engine bots crawl via URLs of the website. The process of creating sitemap is not only limited up to creating it. It is even about to set priority values to the webpages that enables the website to easily communicate with the search engine and enable the search engine bots to find which page of the website is important for you. It is beneficial for the website to provide information regarding the important pages that the website contains instead of assessing all pages of the website.

Importance of sitemap priority value

Priority value of each URL varies from each other. Priority value of the web page just defines the importance of the page within a website. Sitemap priority value ranges from 0.0 to 1.0. The important web page’s value must be 1.0 and the value decreases as the importance of the page decreases. It is the best way to let search engine know about what are the most important pages of the site among hundreds of them. In this way, a website can be properly indexed and crawled more often and faster.

Professionals generally use the available programs to quickly generate the sitemap and set its priority. As it is possible through various online tools, it makes the chore easier and simpler for the experts. These tools will not only generate the sitemaps but it even assigns the priorities on general basis that can be manually edited by the professionals. The experienced professionals of the company adopt such proven methods to get it done and proceed with rest of the other activities which is needed by the website which include robots file and of course Optimization SEO content.